Newtown's Exciting Dinner Experience


For a delightful dining experience that is both theatrical and culinary Ichioku is proud to present with a centuries old traditional Japanese cooking style known as Teppanyaki.

Teppan-Yaki is very old Japanese cooking where diners sit around the Teppan or hot plate barbecue where the Chef prepared and cook your chosen meals.

Normally, Teppan-Yaki is a very formal, quiet dinner for family and friends but at Ichioku, it is lively and entertaining. Our skillful chef will show their skills by juggling food and allowing the guest to participate in preparing their meals by letting the guest catch eggs and food. Teppan Yaki cooking style becomes highly popular in Sydney because of those eggs throwing Chefs.

The menu at Ichioku is updated on a seasonal basis. Dishes are prepared using the highest possible standards both in the selection of the raw material and in the preparation. Our staffs are carefully selected for their friendly service and eagerness to ensure your meal is a memorable one. At Ichioku satisfaction of every customer is top priority and our staff will do anything so that your meal is most enjoyable and memorable one.

Ichioku is the only Teppanyaki Restaurant in Newtown and situated on the famous King Street in Newtown and about five minutes walk from Newtown station toward St. Peter station.